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Quick Search Beyond Inbox Email Backup Using Google Desktop and Windows Search

How can we search the backup taken using Beyond Inbox ?

Searching email backup with the search provided by the Operating System can be challenging.

Different email clients back up in different formats, not all of which are easily readable or searchable. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird create backup files with extension .pst, .dbx, .msf respectively and  you will need a converter to read these files.

Beyond Inbox saves backup files on your native file system in .eml format, which is a universally readable format.

Beyond Inbox has an option to configure data path at start-up, so that you know the path of the email downloaded. You can choose the option to not to show this path or you may forget the path of backup taken earlier.

Search eml files with Windows Desktop Search

Regardless, Windows Desktop search will help you to search all eml files at your local file system.

Review this link – Quick search in beyond inbox backed up email using Google desktop and windows search

Released Version : 2010.05.00.00
Released Date : May, 8th 2010